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Welcome to my blog


I am a visual artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I incorporate my own poetry into my artwork, sometimes collaging it into pieces, sometimes writing about paintings and sometimes inspiring paintings.

By jillashforth, Aug 13 2018 11:29PM

For the first time I recited some of my own poetry in public at the private view of my exhibition, Reflections. It was a great night with a good turn out for the opening and I was excited to be making my new video public with a live performance of the piece.

The text is made up of the words from two of my poems, Dawn and Dusk. The words appear in white, ephemeral on the screen, and disappear into the cloud quickly. One stares at the clouds and then, just as fast as the letters form, they vanish into the light sky.

The poem Dawn was inspired by a memory of watching the dawn unfold in the bay window of my flat one summer morning. I had stood with my face pressed against the pane, watching the sky change for over an hour. It had been mesmerising. The poem Dusk was inspired by a walk in Inverleith Park along an avenue of trees just as the light was failing one winter day. The two poems represent polar opposites, which fascinate me. They are about beginnings and endings, something which my life has been full of recently.

By jillashforth, Jun 14 2018 06:36PM

I will be exhibiting alongside local artist Wendy Baillie this summer. The works, comprising watercolours, mixed media, photographs and video poems, capture moments in time. The landscapes by myself have an ethereal, hazy sense of fleeting beauty whilst Wendy's still lifes and landscapes are full of soft, warm yet delicate tones and have a gentle stillness about them.

My video poem, Dawn and Dusk, is about beginnings and endings and will premiere at the exhibition with a live performance of the piece by myself on the opening night.

A lovely, contemplative show full of beauty - not to be missed at Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh, 27-29 July, 11am-6pm daily.

By jillashforth, Dec 30 2017 02:25PM

I have entered the Button Poetry Competition, 2018 - largely inspired by meeting Neil Hilborn in the summer who is one of Button Poetry's poets. He was an amazing performer at the Edinburgh Fringe and I felt as though I had shaken hands with someone great.

My entry consists of 30 poems, written over the last three years about loss and love. It is entitled Out of the Darkness...

By jillashforth, Aug 17 2017 12:33PM

A few weeks ago I finally, properly acknowledged and recognised a deep sadness. It has taken 10 years, off and on, of Counselling to reach this point in my life and it has been a tremendous relief to release all this grief. I was in denial and had silenced myself. There were other aspects of my life that had brought stress and unhappiness and I had faced those and allowed them to heal over the past 10 years, but this was such a deep grief that was unspoken. It was a lack, a void, an unfufilled desire I would not admit even to myself. I never became a mother to the child I so desperately wanted to have. My video poem, Name It articulates this loss.

I name the sadness and wipe it, sweep it away with my hand. A poison in my soul has been released and relieved and I can understand. With knowledge and acceptance comes healing.

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