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Welcome to my blog


I am a visual artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I incorporate my own poetry into my artwork, sometimes collaging it into pieces, sometimes writing about paintings and sometimes inspiring paintings.

By jillashforth, Dec 30 2017 02:25PM

I have entered the Button Poetry Competition, 2018 - largely inspired by meeting Neil Hilborn in the summer who is one of Button Poetry's poets. He was an amazing performer at the Edinburgh Fringe and I felt as though I had shaken hands with someone great.

My entry consists of 30 poems, written over the last three years about loss and love. It is entitled Out of the Darkness...

By jillashforth, Aug 17 2017 12:33PM

A few weeks ago I finally, properly acknowledged and recognised a deep sadness. It has taken 10 years, off and on, of Counselling to reach this point in my life and it has been a tremendous relief to release all this grief. I was in denial and had silenced myself. There were other aspects of my life that had brought stress and unhappiness and I had faced those and allowed them to heal over the past 10 years, but this was such a deep grief that was unspoken. It was a lack, a void, an unfufilled desire I would not admit even to myself. I never became a mother to the child I so desperately wanted to have. My video poem, Name It articulates this loss.

I name the sadness and wipe it, sweep it away with my hand. A poison in my soul has been released and relieved and I can understand. With knowledge and acceptance comes healing.

By jillashforth, Aug 11 2017 01:48AM

I was delighted to discover that I am able to use the music of Steve Mason as originally intended for my video poem Let Her In, Let Her Out. Domino Records are allowing me to feature the track I Let Her In from the album Boys Outside with the understanding that they may choose to place ads on the video. I feel the music, which resonated so greatly with me, complements the video beautifully.

You can view the video poem on my YouTube channel:

By jillashforth, Jun 23 2017 12:35PM

My video poem Spirals is a moving video poem about life morphing into death in never ending cycles. The dead flowers left on a bench to commemorate a loved one and the dead bee stranded on a Henry Moore sculpture as if placed on an altar, are poignant images.

The walkways of the Waters of Leith, where the video poem is set, is a beautiful part of Edinburgh's green spaces. The other day I came across a young couple resting against a tree trunk by the water's edge. The boy dangled a ukulele from one hand whilst the other hand craddled the girl who clung to his waist. An idyllic image.

My video poem Edinburgh Reflections is a love poem to the city I was born in. I got up early in search of a cloudless dawn so I could capture Edinburgh reflected in its shop windows. Without people or traffic, Edinburgh at dawn feels like it belongs only to you, discovering its secrets for the first time. Wonderful.

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