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Welcome to my blog


I am a visual artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I incorporate my own poetry into my artwork, sometimes collaging it into pieces, sometimes writing about paintings and sometimes inspiring paintings.

By jillashforth, Aug 17 2017 12:33PM

A few weeks ago I finally, properly acknowledged and recognised a deep sadness. It has taken 10 years, off and on, of Counselling to reach this point in my life and it has been a tremendous relief to release all this grief. I was in denial and had silenced myself. There were other aspects of my life that had brought stress and unhappiness and I had faced those and allowed them to heal over the past 10 years, but this was such a deep grief that was unspoken. It was a lack, a void, an unfufilled desire I would not admit even to myself. I never became a mother to the child I so desperately wanted to have. My video poem, Name It articulates this loss.

I name the sadness and wipe it, sweep it away with my hand. A poison in my soul has been released and relieved and I can understand. With knowledge and acceptance comes healing.

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