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Welcome to my blog


I am a visual artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I incorporate my own poetry into my artwork, sometimes collaging it into pieces, sometimes writing about paintings and sometimes inspiring paintings.

By jillashforth, Nov 15 2019 05:27PM

I have written some descriptions to sit alongside some of my dawn paintings. I envisage the three paintings

being displayed together in my next show, Words and Images: Making My Mark, creating a wall of colour and light.


Day 1

Cool, silver tinges of mist glisten in the dawn as the city awakens. Hints of cerulean blue suggest what is yet to come. The sun gathers itself and gets ready to warm the earth below.

Another day has begun.

Day 2

Dawn greets the world with a burgeoning of ochre and lemon yellow light that blushes warmly. The land is bathed in a dewy mist and landmarks emerge in bold boulders of emerald green, crimson and turquoise blue.

Day 3

Cerulean blue meets cerulean blue with a horizon that stretches endlessly. Slithers of land divide sky and sea, slicing the world into sections that shimmer and glow, iridescent in the dawn light.

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